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This Petition  is from  me, Phyllis  Jayaratne   to  the  House  of  Lords  (HOL)  my  former  employer  and  to  the  Lord Chief Justice  Sir  John Thomas   in  order  for  me  to obtain  my  appropriate  remuneration  which  has  been  withheld  by  HOL   for   over  11 years  of  my  actual  employment.     However   taking  into  consideration  the  time period  since   I have  left  the  HOL   the  total  time  factor  that  my  appropriate  remuneration  has  been withheld   is   25 years.    This  is  an  extremely  long  period  that  I  have  waited  and  constantly  battled  to  obtain  what  is  due  to  me  by  rights,  Justice  delayed  is  Justice  denied.    HOL   violated  an  intrinsic  principle  laid  down  by  the  Universal Declaration of  Human Rights  Article  23  which  states:    “Everyone,  without  any  discrimination,  has the  right  to  equal pay  for  equal  work”.

I  am  in  significant  financial  hardship  due  to  the  HOL   unlawfully  withholding  of  my  appropriate  remuneration   without  any  explanation,   is  only  due  to  Racism  and  racism only.   The  financial  hardship  is more  acute   as  the  withholding  of  my appropriate  remuneration  had  a  direct  adverse  impact  on  my  only   source  of   income   i.e.   State and Occupational  Pensions  thus,   reducing  me  to poverty.  
The  subsequent  trial at the Employment Tribunal (ET) was  a cover up  by the  establishment  in order  not  to  tarnish the HOL  with  the  stigma of  racism, as it would  have  ensued   public  outrage.   This in turn  would have damaging repercussions  specifically to HOL  in its  judicial capacity  which  was  the  highest  judicial authority  at  that  time.   Needless to say that  I have  had an  unfair  trial  thus  contravening  the Article  6  of the  Human Rights Act. 

Lord  Irvine   the  then  Lord  Chancellor  had  a  unique  triple  role  whereby  among  his various  responsibilities  he  appointed   the  President  and Chairmen  of  the  ETs.   Lord Irvine  bribed  the  Chairman of  the ET,  Mr Andrew Bano  with  the  offer  of  a promotion to the  post  of  Social Security & Child Support Commissioner  in order  to  dismiss  my  race  claim.  In spite of  my  numerous  correspondences  as  regards  this  specific  Bribery  issue  among  others  to  the  former  and  current Lord Chief  Justices and the  Judicial Conduct  Investigations Office,   I  have  not  been sued for  libel  because  my  claims  are  true!  

Further  information  re  the  Bribery,  Corruption  and  the  manifestation  of   the  Unfair Trial,  please  visit  my website:   www.racialabuse-houseoflords.com.    I  was  working  67 hours p.w.   and  instead  of   paying   me  for  the  67 hours p.w.  and  offering me  a full time post,   my  hours  were  reduced  to  13.9 hours p.w.  in order  for  me  to claim  State Benefits.    Furthermore   7  full  time posts  fell  vacant   within  my  (Refreshment)  Department   over  several  years  and  in  addition  my  white  comparator  was  recruited  for  30 hours p.w.  on  the pretext  of  helping  me with  my  heavy  workload.    Instead  of  such  a  recruitment,  I should  have  been  offered  full time  employment.   These   injustices  caused  me  great  distress/anxiety.   White  colleagues  were paid  promptly  for  80 hours p.w.    In fact  these  long hours  have  been documented  in  Mr Bano’s  Decision,  “However  it  is  not in dispute  that  throughout  her  employment  the  Applicant  has  worked  very much longer  than  her  contracted hours and it  appears  to have  been frequent for her to work up to  60 hours p.w”.   

In  spite  of  the  above,  Mr Bano  failed  to  make  an order  for  HOL  to pay my remuneration because  he  accepted  the  bribe.    The  Employment  Statutes  have  provision  for  such  Orders.   As  Mr Bano  frequently  reminded  the  Court  during  the  trial,   “I have no  time”  ;   “I have  other matters  to  attend to”, as  he  accepted  the Bribe,  the  issue  of   Non-Payment  was  never   raised   although   he  implicitly  understood  that  I  was  not paid  for  the  long  hours  I  worked,  hence  Mr Bano’s  comments  as  above.  

Mr Bano  was  forced  to  come  to  the  above  conclusion  of  long  hours  because  of  my  evidence  submitted  at  the  hearing  in  addition  to   the HOL (Respondents’)  Witness Statements   which  documented  that  2  full  time employees  were recruited  for  90  hours p.w. to carry out my workload of 67 hours p.w.  for  which   I  was  paid  only for 13.9 hours p.w.

My long hours  at  work  were  mainly due to  Desk Top Publishing (DTP)  duty  which I was allocated  with  no training,  and  with  WordPerfect 5.1.   Mr Bano  stated  at  the  hearing  that  this  software  package  was incompatible  and  that  I should have  been  given  either  Quark Express  or  Page Maker.  This  evidence/ findings  as well as other numerous favourable  evidence/findings  Mr Bano  failed to include  in his Decision  apart  from  my long hours, which  I  believe  was  a  pure   oversight  either  by him or  by the  corrupt  unit/ person  responsible  for  perverting  the  course of  justice.   I should  also  state  that  prior  to  the  allocation of the DTP duty  to me   it  was  carried out by an outside printing firm  at  a cost of  £90,000  per annum.   At  great  personal  distress  I  carried  out  the  DTP  duty  effectively  and  efficiently  at  the  same professional standard  as  the  outside  printers  with  no  training.   I  did so  by  referring  to  the  instruction  manual  which  I was  given  instead  of  the  training.

As  I stated  above,  I  worked 67 hours p.w.  but paid  only for  13.9 hours p.w.,  Lorna McWilliam  my  line  manager  confirmed  to the  DWP  that  I was working  only  13.9 hours p.w.    THIS WAS  FRAUDULENT.    HOL  did  not pay  the  appropriate  National Insurance Contributions  relating  to  my long  hours  of  work,  therefore  they are also  culpable  of   FRAUD.  

Due  to  the  above  fraudulent  actions  my  Occupational and State  Pensions  are  abysmal  as  they  were  based on  fraudulent hours of work  of 13.9 hours p.w.  rather  than  the  actual 67 hours pw.   As  a result  I  suffer  significant  financial  hardship  and  deteriorating  health.  My race complaints were never investigated by  the HOL,  because  “RACISM  IS  EVERYWHERE  EVEN IN CIVIL SERVICE.  MISS MCWILLIAM BELONGS TO A  DIFFERENT  GENERATION  AND CANNOT BE CORRECTED”,   as  stated by Mr Geoffrey  Embleton  the  then  Deputy Establishment Officer  at  a  meeting  in the presence of Sir Michael  Davies,  who was  the  then  Clerk of  the Parliaments.  

My  degrading  and  inhumane  treatment   were  further  manifested  when  I was  allocated  a  filthy,  mice infested  office  room  which  had  no ventilation  for over  2 years.   I  was  forced to  clean this  room  myself  while  the  white  colleagues  had  cleaners to clean their offices.   HOL  saved money   by  forcing me to clean  my  office,  because  I  am  non-white. 

The  media  exposure  is  a  pre-requisite.   This  is  specially so   in  a  case  like  mine   when  fighting  the establishment.    If   even   Andrew Mitchell  the  former  Tory  Chief  Whip  found  it  difficult  to  fight  an  established  institution  the  common  man  or  woman  would  have  had  no  chance  unless  the press  supports  the person  concerned.   I  quote  a  statement  in  the  Sunday  Times   editorial  where  it  stated,    “Our  role  of   the   press   is  to  ensure   that  the  bad  guys  do  not  get  away  with  it”.    It  is  a matter of  utter  disbelief  and  great disappointment  that  the  press  have  not  taken  up  my case  specifically as  regards Non-Payment  of  salary.   It  is  a  legal fact  that   newspapers  are  required  to  observe   the  requirements   of   contempt  of  court  laws,  but  in  this   particular  case,   the  issue   of   the  Non-Payment   of   the  appropriate   remuneration  was  never   deliberated  upon,  hence   the  contempt  of  court  laws   is  not  applicable  and  should  not  be  an issue  or   an  impediment.    The  non-publication   of   the   Non-Payment   of   remuneration  and  the  circumstances  relating  to  it   was   a  serious  error  of  judgment  by  the  newspapers  which  would   erode  public  confidence   in  the  newspaper   industry.    Please visit my website: www.racialabuse-houseoflords.com.  As a result of  my website  I  received various responses/ comments specifically from James Bano the  brother of  Judge  Bano who  informed  me that  Judge Bano “attempted suicide”  and  that  I should remove my website.  I  refused to  remove my website,  and  Mr Bano who  was  once again promoted to the  post of  a Judge in  July 2013,  ‘RETIRED’  in  October 2013.

The issue of  exploitation and  non-payment,  one would  not recognise  with an august institution such as the HOL  in  its  judicial capacity which is  the  benchmark  for justice and integrity.  Please sign this Petition in order for me to obtain my appropriate  unpaid  remuneration  £243,622   so that  I  could  carry on  with  the  remainder  of  my  life.






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